Individual and Couple Counselling


Are you standing at a crossroads in your life, not sure which direction to go next? Or do you dream of changing aspects of your life but don’t know where to start?

Do you feel like you keep going in circles, in the same place over and over, and with the same results to difficult situations?

Have you ever wondered how your past influences your present?

With my support, I can help you through this difficult time using the systemic counselling approach. What is systemic counselling?

You are part of many different social systems, including:

- Your family system

- Your friends

- Your coworkers or workplace

These different systems influence how you act, feel and think.

You in turn also influence these systems. It’s like we are all part of a mobile: if a tiny piece of the mobile is nudged, the whole mobile moves.

Systemic counselling looks to understand the relationships and dynamics of these systems as a way explore how to change your situation.

The Process

In systemic counselling the focus lies on your resources and strengths, and uses a variety of methods.

Sometimes it helps to talk. Sometimes it helps to look at your situation using other means, even drawing or physically adjusting your perspective by using figurines. The beauty of systemic counselling is how adaptive and creative it can be applied to ones unique situation.


Session are 1 hour for individuals, and 1.5 hours for couples.

In first session, we get to know each other and discuss the process more. It is critical that you feel comfortable with me and my process to get the most out of the sessions. In the following sessions, we’ll dive right in and get to work.

Typically we will have 4 to 10 sessions.


CHF 110.- for Individuals and CHF 130.- for Couples (Price reductions possible)

You can not claim my counselling by your insurance


German, Swiss German, English (Native speaker)